Political Bodies are works where arrayed drawing tables manifest a type of group political body: variously autocrats / rulers, citizens / subjects, parliamentarians / the elected. In each installation the viewer moves between and links dispersed bodies, completing another figure.


Bodies Politic

Shepparton Art Museum, Australia, 2015

The inked self makes physical body prints on the paper, which form a ground or landscape from which the drawing emerges. There is a playful use of scale in the attachment of small ink-jet transfer prints of 20th century international political leaders, each related to one of the various ‘continents’ of the world.

Body print, mixed media on cut, sewn paper, aluminium frame, acrylic sheet, 8 tables, 108 x 77 x 80cm each


DI  install 1.jpg

Dead Iraqis

Carlton Hotel & Studios, Melbourne, 2008.

The table top workspaces gather together assemblages of materials comprising body prints, mopped paper rolls, drawings, other excess and unused paper; and print transfers of images. Each table comprises six or seven strata of paper. Stacking of paper into three-dimensions opens up cavities, volumes and elisions while unfixed piles of paper produce massing but also collapses, falls and overflows. The composite form produces an instability of boundaries of the figure.

4 table drawings; ink, acrylic, water-colour on paper, paper, bubble-jet prints, pins, aluminium, timber

Install 1.jpg


Federation Festival Australia Projects, Victorian State Parliament House, Melbourne, 2001.

Four drawing tables install rendered images of politicians under glass at the entrances to the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly chambers of the Victorian State Parliament in Australia.

Parliament Desktop Drawings (Parliamentarians), pastel on linen, 8 timber tables, glass, various sizes