ChatterShapes was commissioned for the Edinburgh International Festival for the exhibition ‘Enlightenments’, and exhibited in the corridors of Dean Gallery at the National Gallery Scotland. Titled after an album by Melbourne post-punk band, The Moodists (1979-1986) the drawing is over 30 metres in length, and comprises approximately 200 individual drawings.

The work is a panorama of Edinburgh and in this installation creates a horizon line around the gallery walls. However, as well as evoking landscape traditions it is also a portrait of a city, and as such represents Creek’s experience of Edinburgh - his research, encounters and responses to place, its history and people.

Chattershapes , National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. 2009 (installation view).

Chattershapes, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh. 2009 (installation view).


mixed media, text on paper, 9 wall sections 70 x 31,400 cm


charmed celebrity

naive and unruly children

elites at play

deep time vindicated

grotesque economies

mechanism of gardens

travels to imagined shaddowworlds